Authentic Orientalist's Themes

فن مقتبس من اللوحات الاصليه للفنانيين

Handmade 3D  Reproductions

I would like to introduce you to  the  Art of 3D  Orientalist's  Paper  Crafts.
This is the Art of making 3D Art Murals from images or paintings by famous artists. The method involves creating multiple layers of the same image. The type of photo you choose must be clear and easy to cut. This will give you a more professional work of art. Choosing the right 3D layered image  may take several days. I printed the image in the size that that will work best for me. I start assembling the paper according to the subject i am doing. Any accessories or additional materials will be added at the last stage.  Almost all 3D projects must be high lighted or painted in order to look more vibrant.
   Materials & Supplies:                                                        
- Craft Knife & Cutting Mat.
- Micro Scissors.
- Foam Mounting Adhesive 
- Craft Glue.
- Accessories Materials added  acoording
  to each project.
- Duplicate Prints of the Same Photos
- Pastels or Watercolor Paints.